Montana has coached countless speakers all over the world.  She coaches regularly for Microsoft conferences such as Tech Ready, Worldwide Partner Conference, Windows Summit, BUILD, MGX and others, as well as coaching speakers for Amazon, AT&T, Tableau, Atigeo, and many other companies. While she works on a broad range of communication strategies, her focus is always on helping people overcome obstacles in order to achieve clarity, authenticity and ease. In addition to coaching individuals in speech and presentation skills, she also offers an Accent Reduction program.

Montana specializes in training and preparing people for both live and on-camera presentations. She has also served as a script writer and design consultant on many campaigns – most recently Microsoft’s “30 To Launch for Windows Phone” – from idea development, script writing/editing, design consultation all the way to on-set coaching at dress rehearsal and on the day of the shoot.

Recently she delivered an intensive, multi-day, one-on-one program on a variety of communication issues with an executive from Boehringer-Ingelheim, who made a trip from Germany to Seattle just to engage with Montana for a solid week. It was so successful that he had two of his directs fly to Seattle to engage with Montana on a number of communication issues. Since then she has been brought to BI's headquarters in Germany to train multiple speakers.

Montana offers uncompromised results in one-on-one training as well as group seminars, offering tried and true strategies and techniques for outstanding results. She is adept at helping people be dynamic, powerful, confident and comfortable in their presentations. She is an expert at storytelling, script writing and knowing how to build relationships and trust with an audience. Her many years as a professional actor, director and playwright informs her to intuitively help her clients' presentations in indescribable ways.