Live and In Person at The Riveter in Seattle:
Own the Stage: Public Speaking Intensive—TED Talk Style

Have you ever wondered what idea you would share if you were invited to do a TED Talk? How would you structure your story? How would you practice? How would you hone your delivery so that you look and sound amazing in the final performance (and video)? Join us as we share our imagined-TED-Talks-in-progress to learn and practice mastering the art of public speaking — TED Talk style. The same principles that make a great TED Talk can be applied to all forms of public speaking—whether you’re sharing an update in a team meeting or giving a big presentation. Learn how to capture the audience’s attention through great storytelling, how to appear confident even if you’re terrified, how to make engaging slides, how to rehearse, and how to stand, gesture, and speak in a way that will best support your words. This course will help you step on any stage and knock it out of the park! You can attend all sessions or drop-in. Pre-registration is required, email join. $45/class.

The Riveter in Seattle (on Capitol Hill)
Wednesdays 3-5pm
Nov 20 and Dec 11, 18


Live Online Course:
Master the Art of Public Speaking

From the comfort of your own office/sofa, Montana von Fliss will teach you how to give powerful presentations. This online course is not a series of boring videos, it’s a live group meeting on Zoom where you get all the best insider tips from a professional actor-turned-presentation-
coach on how to beat stage fright and look and sound confident, as well as the top ten best practices of great presentations. Attendees are invited to do a bit of their presentation and receive 1:1 coaching in a group setting to get the benefit of customized coaching, while the group gets the benefit of seeing how to solve many universal issues in real time. You can attend all sessions as a series or drop in $25/class. Register by contacting

Topic Descriptions/Dates:

How to Make Effective Slides
Nov 22nd, 12:15-12:55pm

Stage Presence and Increasing Confidence
Dec 6th, 12:15-12:55pm

Storytelling 101
Dec 13th, 12:15-12:55pm

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