Virtual Public Speaking Workshop
Live interactive virtual course
On demand

Are you trying to find ways to present more effectively in a virtual format? Does the thought of giving an update to the team scare the crap out of you? Does your pitch feel dull? Or perhaps you’ve got some public speaking experience and you want to take it to the next level? This interactive workshop will have you on your feet learning and applying new techniques to help you capture the audience’s attention, reduce stage fright, and be seen as a confident and dynamic storyteller. Participants are invited to do a bit of their presentation and receive 1:1 coaching in a group setting to get the benefit of customized coaching, while the group gets the benefit of seeing how to solve many universal issues in real time. This drop-in workshop will help you to improve any public speaking moment you'd like to up-level! You can attend every week or drop-in.
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Effective Virtual Meetings
Live interactive webinar
On demand

If you are like me, you're in a lot of virtual meetings these days. What are you doing to keep the meeting engaging, to foster meaningful connection, to encourage participation and inclusion? How about just making sure the time is well-spent, you get a few things accomplished, and you don't spend the entire time talking over each other? This webinar will help you be a more effective meeting leader and get the most out of the meetings you are attending.

Takeaways include:
  • How to use meeting technology in dynamic and interactive ways
  • How to look and sound your best on video
  • Meeting tools to increase participation and engagement
  • Tips to shorten meeting time and get the most out of a remote format
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Montana von Fliss has coached countless speakers all over the world. She loves transforming speakers into confident, dynamic, and engaging storytellers through individual 1:1 coaching and group training. For the past 11 years she’s been coaching regularly for companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google—as well as a myriad of start-ups and individuals—on a broad range of communication issues, including content strategy, storytelling, and of course, seamless delivery. Her 30+ years as a professional actor, director, and playwright gives her unique insight into how to disrupt the tradition of boring presentations and dull pitches. Her passion is helping people own the stage and find ease, confidence, and a new toolset to tackle the daunting task of public speaking.

“If you have ever wanted to gain confidence in front of an audience, tell a gripping story, or generally be amazing on stage, go work with Montana.”
—  Jeff Pettiross, Staff UX Designer, Tableau Software

"Montana is definitely at the top of her field. She is a truly excellent coach and I am immensely grateful to have worked with her.”
Dinesh Chahlia, Engineering Manager, Google

“I want to tell you about how beyond thrilled I am with Montana von Fliss. She has made an amazing impact on my project and has been jaw dropping in her results. She is truly excellent.” 
Kathleen Winder, Senior Director of Marketing, Microsoft

"Montana is the best speaker coach I have ever worked with. Her guidance helped me go from someone who presents to someone who has a presence on stage. If you are regularly on stage (in person or virtually), this is an excellent investment in your skills and you will come to enjoy giving talks that are not just informative but inspiring and memorable."
—  Eva Murray, Head of BI & Tableau Zen Master, Exasol

"Montana is perhaps the most effective coaching professional I've had the pleasure of working with. Within minutes she was providing actionable advice that was improving the quality of our messaging and the effectiveness of my delivery. " 
Alec Matias, CEO, Pawzii