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4 weekly 60-minute sessions


Customized one-on-one communication coaching to help you nail your next speaking engagement.

1:1 Speaker Coaching Package

Individual 1:1 speaker coaching sessions are done as a series. Participants do 1 60-minute session each week for 1 month. The speaker is asked to come to the first session prepared to do the first 5 minutes of their presentation. Each session is run like a rehearsal, beginning with the coach watching the speaker do a few minutes of their presentation. The coach assesses every aspect of the presentation (delivery, content, slides, etc.), gives honest and constructive feedback, then the coach and speaker work together to incorporate the adjustments in real time.

Each session builds on the last, focusing on the most important elements of presentation technique as well as what each individual speaker needs to work on for improvement. The plan is custom designed for each individual participant.


Every participant walks away with:

  • a video of their session

  • clear techniques for improvement

  • a repeatable and reliable plan for how to prepare and practice for their next presentation

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