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Coaching for Groups

Live Interactive Webinars

  • Current webinars available: Captivate Your Audience, Storytelling for Business, Confident Captain, and Close the Deal with Better Communication Skills

  • 30-min, 60-min, and 90-min webinars

  • Number of attendees: unlimited


The webinars are live virtual events that can be tailored to your individual business needs. This is not your standard boring lecture-style webinar. This is a highly interactive, experiential, and fun way to gain new, repeatable and reliable skills in public speaking, virtual presenting, and engaging storytelling.

Group Courses

  • Current courses available: Own the Stage: Public Speaking Intensive and Storytelling for Business Intensive

  • 4 weekly 90-min sessions

  • Number of attendees: 4 -12 people

There is very little lecture in these sessions, opting instead for demonstrations, examples, and, most of all, hands-on learning. Participants are invited to do a bit of their presentation each week and receive feedback, while the group gets the benefit of seeing how to solve many universal issues in real time. The group also creates a bond and a tool set which allows them to collaborate and assist one another in future presentations. Participants are asked to do homework each week and there is a final performance on the last day of class.

Conference Speaker Coaching

  • Group webinar Captivate Your Audience plus 1:1 sessions with each speaker

  • 90-min webinars + 60-min 1:1 sessions

  • Number of attendees: unlimited


With a team of dedicated trainers, Montana & Co. can scale to coach your entire roster of speakers. All conference speaker coaching engagements start with the group webinar Captivate Your Audience (see above), which covers foundational virtual speaking skills to kick off training, followed up by individual 1:1 60-minute sessions with each speaker. In the group session every speaker will understand the fundamentals of a good introduction, how to hook your audience right away, how to keep your audience’s attention, and how to engage your audience in a virtual setting.


With these basics covered in the group session, the follow up individual 1:1 session launches into a higher level of learning, addressing exactly what that individual presenter needs to take their game to the next level. Each session is run like a rehearsal, beginning with the coach watching the speaker do the first 5 minutes of their presentation. The coach assesses every aspect of the presentation (delivery, content, slides, etc.), gives honest and constructive feedback, then the coach and speaker work together to incorporate the adjustments in real time. Each participant walks away with a video of their session, clear techniques to incorporate, and a plan for how to prepare and practice.

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