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"Montana is a talented speaker coach who hones in on all the little things to help executives and leaders make a big impact. She was particularly impactful in helping me prepare for my first major keynotes as GitHub CEO."

- Thomas Dohmke, CEO, GitHub

"If you have ever wanted to gain confidence in front of an audience, tell a gripping story, or generally be amazing on stage, go work with Montana."

- Jeff Pettiross, Staff UX Designer, Tableau Software

"I highly encourage everyone to learn everything they can about effective virtual presentations from Montana von Fliss! Montana recently led my team on better engagement, speaking skills, and using the power of storytelling in the virtual format, all with very, very positive feedback. I just got a note today from someone who said it was one of the best trainings in their 17 years as a Microsoft employee. Make sure to hire her - this content could not be more relevant or timely!"

- Stephanie Calabrese, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft


"During C-19, I received Montana's coaching prior to delivering a remote session to a 800+ person audience with a variety of experience & skill sets. This was my first remote session, and I had to adapt my in-person technique to work remotely. The result? I achieved the top scoring session on the first try."

- Craig Nelson, Azure Red Team, Microsoft

"In just under five weeks, GitHub reimagined their annual Satellite event for the virtual world. Montana had a way about her that immediately put speakers at ease. She quickly identified their strong suits helping them double down on these talents, and where she noticed areas for improvement, she had a gentle yet effective way of coaching them through these challenging bits while keeping their confidence intact. Simply put, Montana von Fliss is a critical teammate on your virtual program roster."

- Dana Pake, Strategist, MCW Events

"I wanted to say thanks again, Montana, for the amazing work you did in helping me to prepare and absolutely smash my biggest stage (~1000 people) at the AWS re:Invent conference. This has set the stage for bigger and better things in my career ever since."

- Ben Thurgood, Senior Manager Solution Architect, Amazon


"Montana is a powerful speaking and communications coach. Given enough time, she can even make a stone idol talk, eloquently! Montana has helped me and countless colleagues in delivering engaging presentations for both small and large audiences, in-person and virtually. I can't imagine a better presentation coach than her. Montana is definitely at the top of her field. I am immensely grateful to have worked with her!"

- Dinesh Chahlia, Engineering Manager, Google

“I want to tell you about how beyond thrilled I am with Montana von Fliss. She has made an amazing impact on my project and has been jaw dropping in her results. She is truly excellent. We have much work to do together in the coming months. I have some bigger plans in the works, and if they come to pass, will keep us all very busy.”

-  Kathleen Winder, Senior Director of Marketing, Microsoft

"Montana is the best speaker coach I have ever worked with. Her guidance helped me go from someone who presents to someone who has a presence on stage. If you are regularly on stage (in person or virtually), this is an excellent investment in your skills and you will come to enjoy giving talks that are not just informative but inspiring and memorable."

- Eva Murray, Lead Evangelist, Snowflake

"I’ve had 3 coaching sessions via Microsoft and your coaching has been the most helpful I've ever had.  I appreciate how you find suggestions that are within my comfort zone that I can naturally incorporate into my presentation. Thank you for making my session a success!"

- Chermaine Li, Sr Program Manager at Azure, Microsoft

“Thank you so much for coming out to Microsoft and providing two of the team members with individual speaker training. Both PMs felt that the speaker training was very useful. Tim and Todd both mentioned that they will take the lessons that they learned today and apply them not only to their video sessions but also to other areas when speaking in front of a group.” 

- Roxanne Beaver, Senior PM, Partner and Customer Engagement, Microsoft


“Montana’s Public Speaking Workshop exceeded my expectations! Originally scheduled for the full day in-person group workshop, the COVID-19 stay-at-home order led us to split it into 4 virtual group sessions. I was extremely impressed with Montana’s effectiveness at engaging the team in this forum. She provided meaningful instruction and feedback such that everyone walked away with valuable, practical learnings that we were able to apply immediately. I highly recommend working with Montana!”

- Jill Hostetter, Director of Product Management, Zonar Systems

“Having met Montana a couple years ago she has changed the way I present and approach presentations. She has an uncanny ability to bring out your ideas, develop your confidence and help you deliver the best presentation of your career. Her techniques are effective via webex as well as face-to-face. If you are looking for a speaking coach I can't recommend Montana enough.”

- David Pires, Head of Data Visualization, Expedia

"Montana made me feel WAY more comfortable and confident than I would have felt. I rehearsed her comments and suggestions over and over again."

- Simon Lee, Developer Platform Evangelism, Microsoft

"Montana is perhaps the most effective coaching professional I've had the pleasure of working with. Within minutes she was providing actionable advice that was improving the quality of our messaging and the effectiveness of my delivery. I've worked with many trainers and coaches like Montana and there are many unique qualities that put her above the rest; she never misses an opportunity to improve, catching the smallest of details that when tweaked can make the largest of impact, and has no hesitation in giving you the hard, constructive feedback that is sorely needed. Without a doubt, I'll be coming back to Montana for every one of our critical communication needs." 

- Alec Matias, CEO, Pawzii


"Montana is just a superstar! We were lucky to have her as a speaker coach for our TEDx event. TEDx talk formats can be daunting, if not downright intimidating. Montana is the perfect cocktail of technical advice, wisdom, passion and lightheartedness. She is an expert in demystifying and de-stressing the process. Plus, she is just a wonderful person all the way around! Our speakers (and our entire team) were so impressed with her approach and dedication – she is a fantastic coach!”

- Kelly Suter, Program Lead, TEDxBellevueWomen

"As someone who rarely speaks in front of large audience, I was very nervous about presenting at the Amazon AWS Re:Invent conference. Montana listened to part of my presentation, asked what my concerns were, and then gave me some great advice to help calm my nerves, make me feel more confident, and make my presentation be more authentic. I took her advice to heart and it made for two successful presentations in which I received positive feedback from attendees. Montana is excellent and I highly recommend speaker coaching from her!"

- Mike Garrison, Technical Lead, Infrastructure Engineering, Toyota

“Montana is an excellent trainer.” 

- David Talby, CTO, Atigeo Software


"Montana provided coaching for speakers at an upcoming technical conference. I was one of her students, and in less than an hour Montana provided quite a bit of actionable advice and insight that will go beyond just helping with my upcoming session, but will be useful for future speaking engagements as well. Excellent work!" 

- Joe Sack, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


"I had the opportunity to get coaching from Montana on delivering a technical session for folks taking a certification exam. Her guidance helped me focus on the task at hand. I've received great feedback from the attendees of the session."

- Lou Carbone, Global Lead Solution Architect, Microsoft

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